Hey there, blogger friend!

I’m Marla Bloomgart, a freelance writer who was on a mission to earn $4,000 a month from my blog—and in 2018, I reached that goal! Then, in 2019, I sold my blog to another business. Now, I want to share with you EVERYTHING I learned about blog monetization.

When I started a travel blog in 2012, I never thought to monetize it. But I started feeling burned out from freelancing and sick of trading my time for money. So I decided to monetize my established travel blog (and this new one!) and earn full-time income from blogging, so I could quit my freelance business.

This blog, Start a Blog for Profit, will share all my best blogging and social media tips for people who are serious about monetizing their blog. You can find income reports and detailed how-to guides for beginner bloggers.

Thanks for reading!