Here it is, my first blog income report ever! I’m starting this blog, Start a Blog for Profit, to showcase the journey of me (a travel blogger since 2012) going from full-time freelance income to full-time blogging income.

Is it possible to make money blogging—and I mean a FULL-TIME income from blogging? Welp, I’m going to find out! And I’m taking you along for the journey, so you can learn from my triumphs and setbacks and earn money from your blog too!

I launched my travel blog in 2012 for the love of it, and with ZERO plans to make money from it. Now, in 2017, I’m finally monetizing it! This is my journey.

Blog Income Report January 2017

Why I’m Sharing a Blog Income Report

I am OBSESSED with reading income reports because I love to see what’s possible. I glean a lot of inspiration and education from them, so I hope sharing my blog income report will inspire you and help you as you seek to make money blogging too.

My goal is to earn $4K a month in passive income from my blog; that means from advertising, affiliate links, digital products (eBooks and online courses) and possibly sponsored posts (though I’m not doing those yet).

Some important things to note:

  1. This income report shows ONLY my income made from blogging. It does not show ALL my income. I make money freelancing, but want to respect my clients’ privacy by not revealing how much they pay me.
  2. Showing affiliate income is tricky because often payments are delayed until you reach a payment threshold, or, as with Amazon, I get paid for one month’s earnings two months later. So what I report below is what I EARNED that month, not necessarily what hit the bank account yet.
  3. This shows GROSS income, that is, income before taxes and expenses. I will reveal my blog expenses below though.

January 2017 Blog Income Breakdown

Affiliate Income

Amazon Associates $226.49
SiteGround $50
ShopStyle $11
Total Affiliate Income $287.49

Digital Products (eBook)

Kindle eBook Royalties $20.95

Total Passive Income: $308.44

Travel blog income report January 2017

January 2017 Blog Expenses


SiteGround – My favorite web host! $14.95
Canva for Work – How I create all my graphics $12.95
MailChimp – Email newsletters & automation $15.00
iMark Interactive – Monthly blog maintenance/support $47.00
Total Blogging Expenses $89.90

Total Profit From My Blog in January 2017: $218.54

Blog Traffic Report

How much I’m making from my blog doesn’t mean much without traffic numbers for context, so here we go!

Unique Visitors in January 2017: 17,355

Pageviews in January 2017: 25,682

What I Changed in January

  • I set clear goals and shut down anything that wasn’t helping me reach them. I determined my main 2 goals are 1) Increasing my pageviews and 2) Growing traffic to my blog via Pinterest. I deactivated my blog’s Facebook page. I was spending HOURS on Instagram each week, but it sent little traffic to my blog and resulted in 0 new clients, so I shut my blog’s Instagram account down. Pinterest sends the most traffic to my blog out of all my social media, yet takes the least amount of time, so I decided to focus on Pinterest alone. If you want to be successful, you must eliminate the unnecessary. 

So there you have it! I can’t wait to share February’s income report with you. My goal is to at least show progress month over month, but with passive income, it can fluctuate so much!

Did you find this blog income report helpful? What are your blog income goals? Share your blog goals below, or share a link to your own blog income report! We’re here to support each other. 🙂