Monetizing a Blog

101 Fashion Affiliate Programs You Can Use to Make Money Blogging

Ever wonder how fashion bloggers and Instagram influencers make money? One way is through fashion affiliate programs. Affiliate programs create special links to clothing and accessories that you can put in your blog and Instagram profile. When someone clicks your affiliate links and purchases something—you get paid! That’s called a commission, and it’s a percentage […]

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How I Made $10,685.58 with the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

If you’re looking for one of the EASIEST and BEST affiliate programs to make money blogging, you’ve gotta learn about Amazon. For one of my blogs, I earned over $10K from the Amazon Associates program alone! Below, I’ll describe everything you need to know to make money from Amazon Associates too. What Is Amazon Associates? […]

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Can I Use This Photo on My Blog? Copyright Issues You Need to Know as a Blogger

I am always amazed by how little bloggers understand about how copyright law works. Actually, I shouldn’t be amazed; it’s quite complicated and they probably didn’t learn about it in school. Because I studied journalism and photojournalism in college, I was a little bit more acquainted. But, I have to disclose: I am NOT a […]

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